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Montpelier's Walker and Glancy Turn 100


By Seth Reddington

NT Staff Reporter

Montpelier's own Walker and Glancy Funeral Home is turning 100 today, as it was originally established on January 19, 1912, by H.T. Walker.

Walker founded the company in a storefront building on Main Street in downtown Montpelier. The company was later moved to a residence on Huntington Street where it operated until 1951.

In 1951, Walker and two of his sons, Garl and Bill, moved the funeral home to its current location at 109 W. Windsor St., Montpelier.Blackford County Indiana Economic Development

Jeff Glancy, current owner and director of the funeral home, went to work under the Walkers at their funeral home in 1969 at the age of 14.

"I learned a lot from them," said Glancy. "They were very honest and professional people and they served the community well."

Bill Walker continued to operate the funeral home until his death in 1986, and Glancy became the owner in 1987. The name of the funeral home was then changed to Walker Funeral Home - Glancy Chapel, but is now known as the Walker and Glancy Funeral Home.

The funeral home specializes in traditional funeral services, graveside services, monuments, as well as cemetery lettering and pre-arrangements.

The current location is a unique blend of classic architecture and modern alterations.

Jeff Glancy is a graduate of Blackford High School, as well as the Indiana College of Mortuary Science. He is also a member of the Masonic Lodge, American Legion, Kiwanis and Chamber of Commerce in Montpelier, and he serves as president of the Brookside Memorial Park Cemetery, Montpelier.

Walker and Glancy Funeral Home is a family business, as Glancy's wife, Trudie Glancy, serves as treasurer and co-owner, while his daughter, Shannon, currently holds the position of vice president.

Walker and Glancy Funeral Home is one of four funeral homes owned and operated by Glancy Funeral Homes, including other locations in Warren, Geneva and Van Buren.

When asked what has kept the business strong for such a long period of time, Glancy looked to the community and his staff.

"Well being a Blackford County native has been great, the community has always supported us," said Glancy. "Also, we credit a lot of our success to the employees we've had."

Credited employees include John Pontius, David Harriett, Kevin Nestleroad and Julia Lee.

"We just hope to continue to be here and serve the families of our community. There's nothing else we'd rather do," said Glancy.

Glancy's daughter also gave credit to the community.

"The community's support and trust in our traditions and values has stayed consistent since the business first opened in 1912," said Shannon. "My father always says ''we were here yesterday, we were here today, and we'll be here to serve tomorrow''.

"It's really the community that has allowed us to stay in business, and we take pride in being there for the people when they're going through difficult times," noted the younger Glancy.

"Times are always changing," said Jeff Glancy. "But we are changing right along with them, just as the Walkers always did before us."

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